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sharmin Akther
Apr 11, 2022
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of the ways Google assesses trust and reputation:Thorough reputation research is important for awarding the highest ratings. A very positive reputation is often based on prestigious awards or recommendations from well-known experts or professional associations on the topic of the page. Wikipedia and other sources of information can be a good starting point for reputation research. For YMYL topics in particular, careful reputation checks are required. YMYL's reputation should be based on evidence from experts, professional associations, awards, etc. For shopping pages, experts can include people who have used the store's website to make purchases; whereas for medical advice pages, experts should be individuals or organizations with appropriate medical expertise or accreditation. Please see section 2.3 for a company employee list summary of YMYL page/topic types. For some topics, such as humor or recipes, less formal expertise is acceptable. For these topics, popularity, user engagement, and user reviews can be considered evidence of reputation. For topics that require less formal expertise, websites can be considered to have a positive reputation if they are very popular and wellBad reputation and rankings Google does not look favorably on sites or brands with a bad reputation. It's something he's been fighting for years and gained a lot of traction with the Decor My Eyes debacle. I believe sentiment is an important factor in trust and can impact rankings.

sharmin Akther

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